Worth the Wait by Miley Maine

Surprise, surprise! My baby daddy bailed me out of bankruptcy. I never expected James to be back. It means trouble. He has no clue that he’s the father of my kid. How could he? He abandoned me when I needed him. And now, he thinks that my whole world belongs to him. Yeah, right… It’s a lie he needs to stop telling himself. Even if he’s the hottest FBI field agent to ever exist. James is investigating a dangerous threat. A threat that wasn’t supposed to harm me. But I’m connected to him, so that must’ve made me eligible. Danger is right around the corner. So is heartbreak. What will strike first? “Worth The Wait” is part of “Her Protector” series but can be enjoyed as a complete standalone with a very satisfying HEA and absolutely no-cheating. You don’t need to follow any specific reading order to enjoy this series.